The Birth of a Blog….

When a mommy blog loves a daddy blog…..just kidding. Gross.

Actually the talks of a blog started when we were driving home from Skiing on Sunday. We were in hot pursuit to the nearest wal-mart to find a cheap board game.

Me:  Oh our life is so fun *pretentious hair flip* We do a lot of way cooler stuff than what I read about all these other couples doing on these blogsites.

Him:  We would have way better stuff to write about. Too bad we are way too awesome to be a “blogger”.

Me: *Pffft mouth fart noise* Way too awesome for that crafty crap….

Him: Yeah….*slightly better mouth fart noise than mine*

Silence for a good minute or two.

Me: Soo….what are we going to call it?

Him: Oh we need something good.

We discussed naming this page Avocados, since avocados can’t grow alone and this blog would mostly consist of the two of us (aawwww….gag)…but then we got hungry and decided to just call it the next best thing; guacamole. Turns out guacamole was already taken so we went with my stomach and came up with hamburgers.

I can justify this blog simply as it being a tool to connect with family since I just moved from Illinois to Chicago. What a great way for family to see what I am up to with day to day things.  Also, blogs are for people who take pictures of crap and are constantly failing at crafts and documenting it. That’s pretty much 90% of my life and instead of using Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc….I can mash it all on this page. Boom. Efficiency.

So what is this blog specifically about? Who knows!  I don’t yet.

She aspires to have the biggest Hello Kitty collection in the world. He does science. 


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