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Him: I will follow you down any food related road…..


Her: I love you. 

Him: I love popsicles…


Mexican Soup

It’s not really easy picking a starting point for this page. So I’ll just tell a great story of the last time I proved Andrew wrong was right about a situation.


A while back  Taco Bell announced they would be coming out with the Cool Ranch Dorito Taco. I’m sure you remember the time and place you heard this information as well, it was quite an impactful moment in history.

After much anticipation and waiting, the release day was drawing closer and closer.  We had to discuss the important details of  how  we were going to enjoy our first Cool Ranch Doritos Taco together.  At Taco Bell or Home?  Home. Definitely. This was an intimate moment. Sober or drunk?Everything tastes better after a few beers, but then some moments you just have to be sober for.  Compromise:  We would enjoy it after one beer, but it would accompany the second.

I then came up with a genius idea. What is a better sensation of running through the courtyard of our apartments half naked in single digit weather just to feel the sensational stinging pain of the hot tub? Doing all this while eating tacos. Yes, hot tub cool ranch doritos taco party.

Almost IMMEDIATELY Andrew tried to turn my idea down saying it was trashy. This is the same guy that is from Detroit. This is also the same guy who went to church in an airbrushed horse sweatshirt that same week. The same guy who screams ‘MERICA at any perfect opportunity and wouldn’t think twice if that opportunity was at a funeral. The same guy who asked me a week ago if we wanted to go to a WWE event next month. But I am the trashy one.

We took a facebook poll and some people with their heads on right affirmed that I was clearly the next friggin’ Einstein. One person, not to name names  KATIE, said something along the lines of “Yuck…Mexican Soup”. Appalling. I decided to spend my lunch break beating her up disguised as surprising Andrew with a Shamrock shake, but by the time I got to Andrew’s office she had made her big escape. Darn!!

Well, we ended up eating our Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos on the couch like a real bunch of vanilla joe shmoes.  I did drop the topic and decided to let it go. If it wasn’t meant to be, then it wasn’t meant to be…

UNTIL about 3 weeks later….

We were doing our nightly hot tub routine and relaxing at the end of the day. I look up at the garbage can near the hot tub and see a mound of taco bell wrappers overflowing out of the garbage can!!


Turns out my idea was amazing….so unique and amazing that someone else had beat us to it!! Turns out cool ranch doritos tacos in the hot tub IS totally acceptable.  I hope he learned his lesson.

And I hope the person who commented negatively about my idea, KATIE , learned their lesson as well. Taco Bell  Karma came around and sent them to the most sunless place in the US:  Seattle.

Unfortunately this is not the first or last of our taco bell debates. We are currently still debating whether or not you you pluralize Doritos still if it if just one. I say if I want one Doritos, I would say “Please pass me a Dorito”. Andrew claims you still call it Doritos. That just sounds ridiculous!